Partnering with Cookiebot

We apply and recommend Cookiebot to manage cookies in a GDPR-compliant and user-friendly way.

Should you want to add Cookiebot to your website, you can do this here:

AppSaloon is a Cookiebot client, and Cookiebot is an AppSaloon client. We are an enthusiastic user and reseller of Cookiebot for many of our client’s websites. We advise all of our clients to enable Cookiebot for managing cookies and consent for their website’s visitors. If needed, we help out anyone with the installation and implementation. We also provide specific and specialised support wherever we can.

We can help you with:

  • We can change the default Cookiebot styling to match the branding of the client.
  • We perform fully customised implementation, tailor-made for the client. No-one will notice it’s Cookiebot.
  • We are contributors to the WordPress plugin of Cookiebot, meaning, we develop compatibility with different plugins, to block cookies and scripts until consent is given by the website’s user.
  • We make the Cookiebot script (or WordPress plugin) compatible with a custom-built website or (custom) CMS.

Cookiebot features

  • Once a month, Cookiebot performs an automated cookie audit and generate a cookie declaration, containing a description on every cookie found on your website. 
  • The automatically generated cookie consent banner shows users detailed information about which type of cookies are used where and why (cookie declaration). 
  • Follow-up on error reports from Google (and other Ad providers).
  • Check on consents: Cookiebot administers which consents have been given by the website’s visitor, and checks them at every page-load.

Read more about Cookiebot’s functions here.


Their pricing is, as you could expect, clear and uncomplicated. Cookiebot scans the number of subpages and calculates the monthly fee, which is zero for 1 domain with less than 100 subpages. 
They charge 9 EUR when more than 100 and less than 500 subpages are found.
Less than 5000 subpages: 21 EUR/month. 
Over 5000: 37 EUR/month.

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